Customer Service

Offer customer service via the most popular messaging apps.

Messaging apps are an extremely popular type of smartphone apps. They offer direct communication. Chat is a great way to interact with your customers. Increase customer satisfaction by offering support within your customers’ messaging apps. This way you communicate with your customers in a way that feels natural to them. Offer an exciting new dimension of service
chat basic

Features of Chat Basic

Interact directly with your customers and potential customers

Manage customer questions and enquiries via our central customer interface and never lose track of your customers

Your customers can send you pictures, videos and audio files, which makes it easier to efficiently answer their questions

Sort messages

Bulk actions for improved efficiency

Features of Chat Pro

Chat Pro was developed specifically as a support tool to help you manage user questions and enquiries via messaging apps. Offer your service and support directly via all messengers supported by MessengerPeople

Team colaboration for increased efficiency
Clear managment wit hthe help of labels
Managment and history of assigned chats
Additional Filters for agents, Labels & Notes
History of agents actions
Managment of agents’ rights
Notification for incoming chats
Bot messages can be filtered
chat pro
Assing agent

Assign each chat to the respective agent

Create labels

Create labels and assing them to the specific chats

Manage notes

Create notes for improved team collaboration

pro features

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